Protective coatings

against moisture, corrosion, wear
NANOPROTECH is a company with ten years' experience in the development of waterproof and anti-corrosion products for industrial and domestic use.
Creating every product, we are using the latest advances in the field of nanotechnology.
NANOPROTECH brand is presented
in 60 countries worldwide
The company was established in 2007
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Representation in 60 countries worldwide and 30 regions of Russia.
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Representatives of the company's products / services for the period of 2012-2019:
Our products are represented in the retail chains of Russia and are using at Kalashnikov Concern, Gazprom fleet, Gazprom Neft Shelf, Vodokanal, JSC Russian Railways, Gorelectrotrans, PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Metropolitan and Lensvet.
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Eliminates the heavy running, squeaking, reduces the wear of rubbing surfaces, and also protects against moisture. Easily penetrates into hard-to-reach places.
Protects against water condensation, rain, fog, oxidation, rust. Harmless to all materials.
Prevents current leakage and insulation breakdown.
Reduces the transient resistance in contact groups, improves stability and reliability
of operation.
Water-repellent coating
for glass and plastic.
Silicone spray doesn't contain mineral oils and liquors. It is intended for greasing of rubbing surfaces and their protection. It is made on
the basis of silicone and doesn't contain chlorine-containing solvents. Protects and lubricates surfaces, forming a strong transparent protective cover. Eliminates squeaks of the contacting plastics. Protects rubber and plastic details from drying and from influence of ultra violet
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Intended for:

- treating car door weatherstrips in order to stop creaking, improve elasticity and prevent ice seizure in case of temperature fluctuations;

- greasing window regulator rails and lock cylinders for easy opening;

- treating car door hinges in order to stop creaking and increase service life;

- treating car tires before long storage because it is able to stop rubber ageing and protect it from drying.
Operation manual:
  1. Shake the spray can.

  2. Spray the grease evenly onto the treated surface.

  3. Do not use for treating electric contacts.
Intended for easy disassembly of stuck and rusty nuts, bolts, studs, screws, joints, as well as for lubricating concealed low-loaded friction couple. The solvent has an enhanced penetrating power, anticorrosion and
water displacing characteristics. It performs the functions of a unsticking fluid, a cleaner,
a rust solvent, a lubricant, etc.
Intended for eliminating contact resistance and preventing current leakage in the ignition system, terminals, connectors, relays, contact groups, etc. Removes oxides and sulphide films effectively and prevents their further formation.

Before applying the cleaner, deenergize the electric assemblies and connections you are going to treat.
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  • Removes easily a wide scope of impurities: dirt particles, traces of grease, oil, etc.

  • Dries quickly without residue

  • Cleans softly without surface damage

  • Well compatible with various materials (metal, plastic, rubber, painted surfaces), does not impact the treated materials
Treatment Process:
Apply the cleaner to the contaminated contacts. After waiting a while, repeat the treatment until dirt, oxides and sulphide films are completely removed. In case of heavy contamination, can be used simultaneously with mechanical treatment of the contamination using special brushes.

Reenergize the contract only after solvents evaporate completely, approximately in 10-15 minutes.
Cleans and degreases. Removes effectively oily and other contamination from brake pads, discs, brake calipers, drums and other unpainted metal parts. Improves braking effectiveness, reduces creaking.
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Allows to clean disc brakes locally, without disassembly. Adapted for all friction materials used in the modern cars. Cleans effectively clutch mechanisms, suspension and transmission component. May be used for cleaning bicycle chains, compact machine subassemblies and units, etc.‎
Operation manual:
  1. Clean the brake caliper parts with a wire brush.

  2. Shake the spray can and spray the compound on all contaminated areas, including the brake pad friction facing.

  3. Let the dissolved dirt pour off.

  4. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

  5. Blow the caliper out with compressed air or wipe it with a rag and dry it.

  6. Avoid contact of the compound with plastic, rubber and painted parts.
Glossy. Renews effectively the appearance
of the dashboard, vinyl, plastic and rubber
car interior and body components by shedding glossy luster on them. Protects treated surfaces from ultraviolet rays, drying and cracking, ensures antistatic and water repellant properties. Operative at low temperatures.
Treatment Process:
  1. Prepare the surface. Remove dust and all kinds of contaminants from it. Then dry it thoroughly.

  2. Shake the spray can.

  3. Apply the compound to the plastic surface from a distance of 15-20 cm. In case you polish the dashboard and sprayed some compound to the car windscreen, remove it wit the help of a clean rag.

  4. Polish the surface with a dry soft tissue or a paper towel if necessary.

Intended for removal of most traditional contaminations and spots (tea, coffee, ketchup, red wine, etc.) from textile and
carpet materials used for car interior upholstery. Can be used for cleaning the car headlining and for domestic purposes.
Operation Manual:
  1. Use at temperatures higher than 15 °C.

  2. Shake the spray can.

  3. Spray the foam to a contaminated area and let it soak for 1-2 minutes.

  4. Rub the sprayed area with a sponge or brush and dry.

  5. Remove the residue of dry foam with a moist tissue or a vacuum cleaner. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
Protects metal, the equipment and mechanisms from all kinds of moisture:
rain, water condensate, fog, road reagents, chlorinated and salty water.
New generation gun lubricant for rifle and smoothbore firearms, airguns, hunting and
sporting weapons and paintball guns. The unique product that completely displaces moisture. Compared to regular lubricants, NANOPROTECH Gun Lubricant penetrates, lubricates and protects for long. Its nanocoating protects from squeak and wear for more than 1 year.
High-quality oil that stops the corrosion process. Durable invisible nanocoating reliably protect metal components and mechanisms of the arms for at least 1 year. Reinforced formula allows rapid cleaning in the field. Perfect for conservation. It facilitates the subsequent cleaning. Harmless for wood and lacquer coatings.

Significantly extends the life of the weapon.
Liquid cold bluing NANOPROTECH designed to impart a natural black colour to damaged outer surfaces of rifle and pistol barrels. The bluing allows you to create a durable protective layer at home and does not require special knowledge and skills.
Protects the metal and machinery against all forms of moisture (steam, dampness,
humidity of air, water condensation, spray, fog, rain, acid rain, chlorinated and salt water, vapors of hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and chlorine containing gases, etc.) and prevents the formation of corrosion; displaces moisture, creates reliable elastic protective layer.
Protects electrical equipment against all forms of moisture (steam, dampness, air humidity, water condensation, fog, rain, etc.); prevent rotates short circuits; prevents the formation of oxidation, fungus and mold on electrical contacts; improves the transient voltage processed connections and prevents the leakage of surface currents from them;
allows to restore, save and improve resistance indicators Isolation on electrical equipment in a damp environment.
Thanks to a ten-year experience of active work and constant development, we have extensive knowledge of product sales in the Russian and global markets.

We have established a productive, stable interaction with partners in the industrial and retail sectors in Russia and abroad.

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